Do not limit me,

I was not given these aptitudes to be restrained.

Do not underestimate me,

I am capable of more than you know.

Do not stifle me,

I am trying to grow.

Do not simplify me,

I am complex and innovative.

Do not undervalue me,

I am powerful and strong.

Do not dismiss me,

I was given a voice in order to be heard.

Do not tame me,

I am young, I am wild, and I am free.

Do not categorize me,

I cannot be bound by your classifications

Do not stereotype me,

I am unique in mind, body, and soul.

Do not overlook me,

I am the future.

Encourage me,

I blossom from your recognition.

Support me,

I need to know I am not alone.

Guide me,

I am an adolescent and I am on to great things.